Red ass Army

This is for all of my two english blogreaders; a googlerific fan-translation of Roj Rövmun & Binikebengts orkesters´s old classic: ”Den Röda Analens Armé”, God Jul på er alla slan!

Red ass Army

A soldier in uniform will be riding the storm
Our member his name is Sven, he is gay and incontinent
He has severe diarrhea, but it does nothing to attack
With organic warfare
With the catheter in the back and diapers there until he stands naked
In a snowstorm, and playing on cam

He is deformed and distal he has elephant balls he is
A relative of spinach he’s gay soldier in the Red Army ass
Blow alarm swollen gut here need an enema
If again, poor Sven he has congestion in his member

If he has his way, he wants to become General
And eat his fill of potato
He has mustard and tuna deodorant his glass eye
He has mortgaged as collateral
He has a clubfoot and svullbuk and malformed qk
He eats dog poop in the barrel he’s gay soldier in the Red Army ass

Symphony of the stoma I can play on my gut great time, which glide
It is fine with margarine
General my anal has won awards and received a trophy
Look at me a lackey of the Red Army ass

I’m 200 years old and I was born yesterday, I have epilepsy
And gets the cage on a stretcher, he has a diaper and pacifier when he goes on patrol
And he sneaks into the barn and takes a fuck
He was conceived too late can not talk, he is pure slut privately he is
Gay soldier in the Red Army ass …

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